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The first program to emerge from research completed on the Women’s Economic Advancement Project, The Ignite Award provides an opportunity that’s currently missing in our region: an award that will not only provide the funding women entrepreneurs need to finance their businesses, but the mentoring and support they need at key stages of their development to build and grow their businesses long term.

In order to provide Ignite cash awards in September 2015, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a $30,000 seed fund for women entrepreneurs in Guelph and Wellington County.

You can help us change the face of business in our region by contributing to this campaign. All funds raised will be used to fund women entrepreneurs and their businesses, provide mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and professionals, and administer the program.

Check out the video on the right to learn more, then visit our crowdfunding page to show your support!

Directed and produced by Blair Cameron.

Current Initiatives

The Women’s Economic Advancement Project

Innovation Guelph is leading a collaborative project to create new opportunities for women business owners and entrepreneurs in Guelph and Wellington County. Over the next year and a half, we’ll be connecting with women to listen, design and pilot new ideas and strategies for supporting women’s economic advancement.

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Speedway is Innovation Guelph’s signature client coaching and education program, designed to help companies get on the fast track to revenue and investment.

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The Guelph Innovation Network (GIN)

We’re a key player in the GIN, a business support network made up of independent companies that cultivate entrepreneurs and collectively work toward building the next generation of strong business.

Connect Guelph Portal

Innovation Guelph has partnered with The City of Guelph to create the Connect Guelph Portal, a one-stop, online access point to local, regional and national business support services and programs.

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Canadian Global Impact Competition (GIC)

Innovation Guelph recently hosted Singularity University’s (SU) first Canadian GIC, which will become an annual event.

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Key Industry Projects

Innovation Guelph is a major collaborator and facilitator of key industry projects – such as water and open government – that improve our community wellbeing.

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Does your business
need a tune up?

SPEEDWAY, Innovation Guelph’s signature client coaching and education program, can get your company on track to success.

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