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About Innovation Guelph

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Spearheading innovative approaches for prosperity and community wellbeing.

Guelph is a community that is open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.  As a community partner, Innovation Guelph acts to cultivate entrepreneurship, powerful partnerships, and innovative initiatives that transform the way we do things in business and in our communities.

Innovation Guelph (IG) has been a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) since Oct of 2010.  Home to one of Ontario's Regional Innovation Centres (RICs), we act as a catalyst for entrepreneurial initiative. We help innovative enterprises start, grow and thrive. Our programs and services address the needs of entrepreneurs, community organizations, researchers and business leaders. We help clients to understand and access funding available through Provincial, Federal, or other sources; provide strategic business advice through our experienced entrepreneurs and business experts; and organize and host events focused on business training, networking, and community initiatives.

Innovation Guelph began as a project of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce in the spring of 2010.  It became an official member of the ONE in Oct, 2010 and held the public launch in Dec 2010.  The company incorporated in July of 2011 and now operates independently from the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. In Jan of 2012, IG moved to its new location at 111 Farquhar St. in Guelph.  The new facility houses all of IG's client services; a business incubator with space for new start-up companies; as well as two boardrooms and an exciting event space.

Innovation Guelph is unique among our fellow RICs.  Our client focus is shaped by the character of our local industry sectors.  As a result we have developed in-house expertise to assist clients from the following sectors:  Clean Tech; Food and Agriculture; Health and Wellness; Social Entrepreneurship; Creative and Digital Media; and Advance Manufacturing. 

Since launching in Oct 2010, Innovation Guelph has seen 350 companies come through its doors for business advisory services, maintaining about 90 active clients monthly. IG has a team of seven Entrepreneurs in Residence who have played a part in the creation of 160 new jobs, and helped our clients retain an additional 200 jobs. IG has helped to channel ~$8.7 M into our client companies over the past two years; with an additional $9.7 M in Angel investment into 17 companies, on the table for 2013. IG has received ~$500K annually to support ONE activities (MRI ONEP + MaRS BAP), which was leveraged against $215K of cash (Trillium, IRAP, Corporate Sponsorships, Centre Revenue) plus $149K of in kind contributions (in kind EIR hours, Chamber of Commerce Services) in the past year.  Our new location at 111 Farquhar St, has seen over 3500 people utilize the space for events, workshops, networking, and community meetings.

The excitement around Innovation Guelph is growing.  Our client companies have been featured in articles in The Globe and Mail, The Guelph Mercury, Business Venture Magazine,, Roger's TV and media posts by the Ontario Centres of Excellence, MaRS, and many other media sources.

Mission & Objectives

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Spearheading innovative approaches for prosperity and community wellbeing.

Innovation Guelph helps ideas start, grow, and thrive by cultivating entrepreneurs, developing powerful partnerships, and supporting innovative initiatives.


  • Innovation Guelph will act as a catalyst for entrepreneurial initiative.
  • Innovation Guelph will be an active member of the innovation sector in the City of Guelph and surrounding region; we will contribute to community innovation initiatives that bring wellbeing and prosperity to our region.
  • Our programs and services will address the needs of entrepreneurs, community organizations, researchers and business leaders. Our team of experienced advisors will help companies determine which resources best match their product, goals, and stage of company development.
  • We will deliver a comprehensive suite of innovation and commercialization programs and services to clients, and perform our role in the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE) to be an effective and efficient regional program and service delivery system based on a regional alliance of business support agencies.
  •  We will provide a 'one-stop shop' for clients to access all available commercialization programs and services in the region, regardless of sector.
  •  We will assess clients' needs and skill levels over a range of factors such as the:
    • Entrepreneurial skill level;
    • Leadership team and business development stage;
    • Target markets identified in Prosperity 2020, Guelph's economic development plan;
    • Need for technical and/or R&D related activities via universities or colleges;
    • Need for Intellectual Property (IP) management;
    • Potential placement of a student through student-in-residence or co-op programs;
    • Need for access to resources at a research institution; and/or
    • Need for access to specific technologies that may be available through technology transfer offices.
  • We will assist start-up companies, small and medium sized enterprises, and multinationals in achieving growth of market share, entry into new markets, increase employment, and improve bottom line.

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