Supercharger is an elite track of the Speedway Program, available to a select group of high potential startups, and/or Gear Up companies who show considerable development.


Supercharger clients receive:


Up to 10 hours of custom professional services

Fast Track

90-day business development cycle focusing on a minimum of three key goals


Opportunities to connect with service providers, attend special events, and pitch investors

A 12 Point Inspection

Analysis of your company milestones, news and growth

Estimated value of $20,000 to $40,000 per year 

Current Supercharger Clients


Hunch Manifest

Hunch Manifest is a marketing technology company on a mission to enable the world’s websites to be understood by search engines by simplifying SEO. Their product is called Schema App.

Keeping all your webpages optimized for Google is hard and maintaining it is cumbersome. Great news, Schema App solves this problem. Using Semantic Technology, Schema App does complex search engine optimization at scale without requiring the you to be an SEO Expert so you can focus on growing your business instead of figuring out Google.    


Envision SQ

At Envision SQ, we make life better for people around the world. Using science and engineering, we create innovative technology to reduce traffic-related smog, creating better air quality for the people who live nearby.

Every year, the world’s cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles emit millions of tonnes of harmful pollutants. Traffic-related air pollution has been linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases. The problem is particularly serious in the developing world. But even in the United States, with its strict pollution controls, more than 58,000 people die prematurely each year because of traffic emissions.

Envision SQ’s “SmogStop Noise Barrier” tackles this multibillion-dollar health problem. Our innovative barrier takes a two-pronged approach to reducing air pollution from major roads, highways and railways. Our aerodynamic design directs traffic pollution away from neighbouring communities and mixes it with clean air, so residents can breathe easier. But that’s not all. A special coating on the barrier actually breaks down smog-producing nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless byproducts, further slashing ground-level pollution and urban smog. And yes, it also blocks traffic noise.


About Refresh Juice

[RE]Fresh Juice Co empowers busy, health minded individuals to achieve

optimal health and wellness by making nutrient dense plant based food and drink both accessible and convenient. The company was co founded in 2014 by 2 lifelong friends in beautiful Guelph, Ontario.

[RE]Fresh Juice recently opened their first retail location in downtown Guelph

In September 2015, [RE]Fresh was the first place winner of the Rhyze Award pitch competition.


Lucky Iron Fish

The Lucky Iron Fish is a simple, clinically effective tool used to combat iron deficiency around the world. Simply adding our specially formulated iron ingot to your cooking pot can release up to 90% of your daily required iron intake. One fish can be used by the whole family and is reusable for up to 5 years. It is caste in the shape of a fish which is seen as a symbol of luck in multiple regions around the world. The Lucky Iron Fish is a B-Corp certified social enterprise that is committed to improving both the health and wealth of our users.

“Innovation Guelph was on our the first local believers in Lucky Iron Fish. Their support was the catalyst that helped us grow at an exponential rate and we couldn’t be more thankful.”

– Gavin Armstrong, Founder, Lucky Iron Fish

Sweet Temptations

About Sweet Temptations

Baking fresh, innovative cupcakes in Guelph’s south end, Sweet Temptations Cupcakery is a certified B Corporation. From their Cupcakery storefront on Gordon Street to their mobile Food Truck ‘Sprinkle’, you can find delicious treats throughout the city. They invite you to celebrate life’s every day moments and major milestones with them

This quarter Sweet Temptations hosted a collaborative food truck festival and attracted 7000+ attendees and they officially became B-Corp certified with the help of the IG mentor team.

Speak Feel

About SpeakFeel

SpeakFeel is a Guelph-based technology company who have developed ProductByCloud™ a web and mobile platform for SME Manufacturers and Distributors. They work actively with organizations in this vertical in order to integrate mobile and data for product promotion, education and distribution purposes. ProductByCloud™ empowers SME manufacturing with improved distributor and client relations, heightened product marketing and technical documentation, accelerated consumer feedback and a better support and maintenance process. Speakfeel have worked with Innovation Guelph to accelerate various initiatives (marketing, sales, investment) in order to make a large impact quickly.

SpeakFeel Corporation have worked with Innovation Guelph on a number of strategic initiatives that have helped to raise capital, hire staff and find new partners and customers.  They have made significant progress as an SME tapping into new markets with their new SaaS product lines.  Being part of the Supercharger program will give SpeakFeel that access to those additional resources that will help fuel their growth.

SpeakFeel was selected as 2015 Embedded Executive Funding recipient

“IG business coaching and networking opportunities have helped us secure funding for 3 separate opportunities, develop short term and long term strategies for accelerated growth, and establish new relationships with potential investor groups.”

– Kelly Brooks, Founder, SpeakFeel

Green Table Foods

About Green Table Foods

Green Table Foods is a family-owned business in Guelph, Ontario. Their philosophy is simple: “Food is Life.” Since 2005, they’ve been making nutritious, prepared foods with certified organic, farm-direct ingredients. They’re inspired by the great cooking traditions of the world. and everything is hand-made from scratch with love. Green Table Foods have worked with the Innovation Guelph mentor team to optimize their production facilities and product offering. Building their brand, they‘re developing not only local markets, but global demand for their unique food products.

Innovation Guelph have helped Green Table Foods optimize their production facilities and product offering, build their brand and assist in developing a global market strategy.  They are poised for growth in the global market place and the hands on support of Innovation Guelph is now more critical than ever. Innovation Guelph is delighted to welcome Green Table Foods as our newest Supercharger client.

Green Table Foods won the Innovation Guelph award at the 2015 Guelph Awards of Excellence Gala.

“The business coaching service through IG has helped us set clear goals on the path to success, and also meet important milestones. Our mentor helped us navigate the daunting world of investment pitching and helped us achieve protability. We also participated in the Fast Lane program – which was extremely helpful for our sales and marketing initiatives – and attended a workshop on brand messaging.”

– Caroline Pilon & Joshua Whitehead, Founders, Green Table Foods


About Katan Kitchens

With the support and guidance of Innovation Guelph, Katan Kitchens is launching Quinta™, the first local, eco-natural quinoa in Canada. Over the past three years, Katan Kitchens has completed the proof of concept for growing their unique, highly nutritional variety of local quinoa in Ontario.

Innovation Guelph has been an integral part in Katan Kitchens’ growth from research and development stage to  full commercialization. Katan hopes to capture part of the $1 billion North American market. Innovation Guelph’s strategic direction has been critical in Katan Kitchen’s ability to generate revenues in excess of $800,000 in grant money, with a potential for $1.5 million by year end. IG continues to provide business and financial advice to help create a path for investment, critical to the creation of a quinoa industry in Ontario.

In June 2013, Katan Kitchens received the Innovation Guelph Award at the Guelph Awards of Excellence. The company has exemplified real growth and achieved significant milestones during their time working with Innovation Guelph.

“IG continues to be a foundation to the development of our strategic plans including term sheets, advisory board, team development, planning and leadership. Our mentor Steve Barrett offers great insight and experience to our many challenges and opportunities, providing guidance and options through frequent coaching.”

– Jamie Draves, Katan Kitchens


About Lyndon Fish Hatcheries

Founded in 2000, with two sites in Ontario, Lyndon Fish Hatcheries’ main facility in New Dundee focuses on hatching eggs from their renowned Lyndon Rainbow Trout Brood Stock. The brood stock are fed only the highest quality feed, and a partnership with the University of Guelph makes them one of the leading Canadian hatcheries in Brood Program Genetics.

Lyndon Fish Hatcheries brilliant fish are desired and admired by our customers and expected by family and employees.

“Our mentor, Steve Barrett, has been a great support during this very exciting and challenging time. He is readily available for calls and meetings and has really helped us to quickly learn the areas we need to focus on for the next steps of our success and business.”

 Clarke Rieck, Lyndon Fish Hatcheries


About Mirexus Biotechnologies

Nanomaterials offer enormous potential for a wide variety of applications.  However, two major factors have restricted the adoption of conventional (synthetic or engineered) nanotechnology:

  • the high cost of making synthetic nanomaterials
  • the hazardous nature of many synthetic nanoparticles

Mirexus Inc. has solved these problems by developing a new nanomaterial that is extracted from corn, is to cost-effective and is completely safe (edible).

This has allowed Mirexus to displace “expensive & toxic” with “affordable & safe”.

“Thank you for your work and contributions to Mirexus since 2013. The Innovation Guelph program has been a great support for Mirexus. IG’s mentors bring sage guidance, a great network of contact and provide an experienced, helpful sounding board for ideas.”

– Phil Whiting, President & CEO, Mirexus Inc.

Supercharger Graduates


About Intrigue Media

With a vision to become the leaders in local marketing across Canada, Intrigue Media are leveraging video advertising and online marketing to build community so their clients get noticed. They have become one of the champions, giving voice to local businesses across Canada and were voted small business of year for 2014 by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce.

An Innovation Guelph client since June 2013, Intrigue Media have grown their TV network to dozens of communities across Ontario and throughout Canada, achieving more than $1 million in revenue. Innovation Guelph mentoring has guided in developing a sound business, product and marketing strategy, tapping into their mentors’ vast network, providing partners who have bought real value to the organization. Intrigue Media are a highly coachable team who are focused on outcomes and results. They are one of Guelph’s upcoming leaders and true gems.

Latest News

Intrigue Media has a strong team in place, including 7 franchises, and is currently investigating scaling opportunities in the retail space.
“Our experience with Innovation Guelph has been fantastic. I can’t speak highly enough of our mentor, Steve Barrett. He is full of wisdom that he is always willing to pass on to us. But more so, he is full of ideas and actionable items that we can constantly take back and implement into the business. One of the things I think we’re strongest at is implementation, and Steve compliments us very well with that.”

– Rob Murray, Co-Founder, Intrigue Media


About MedCannAccess

An Innovation Guelph client since July 2011, MedCannAccess was established to provide access to the highest-quality of medical cannabis products  developed through research and innovation, aiming to improve the quality of life for persons with a wide range of conditions including chronic disabilities and terminal illnesses.

In collaboration with IG mentor Mark Goldberg, from July through September 2014, MedCannAccess opened three patient support centres across Ontario (including their first centre in Guelph)

MedCannAccess is committed to acting in a transparent, accountable, and professional manner, and is a proud member of the Toronto Board of Trade, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Latest News

In December 2014, MedCannAccess acquired a substantial minority equity stake in CannScience Innovations Inc., a leading cannabinoid drug development firm. This partnership positions MedCannAccess to be a leader in the development of pharmaceutical cannabinoid products.
“With the help of Innovation Guelph mentor Dr. Mark Goldberg, MedCannAccess has successfully renovated its first medical marihuana production site, conducted a Health Canada inspection, and is now in the final stage of the licensing process. This positions MedCannAccess to be one of the first 10 companies in Canada to be licensed under the new medical marihuana regulations.”

– Rade Kovacevic, Vice President, Business Development