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Tune up your business, and get on the fast track to revenue and investment with Innovation Guelph’s signature client coaching and education program.

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SPEEDWAY has three tracks.

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Gear Up

is designed for entrepreneurs and startups that want to accelerate their business to revenue and investment.
Gear Up clients receive:


Up to 2 hours each month


Hands-on courses and workshops


Opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs, service providers and investors

A 12-Point Inspection

Analysis of your company milestones, news and growth

Estimated value of $5,000 to $20,000 per year 



is an elite track available to a select group of high potential startups, and/or Gear Up companies who show considerable development.
Supercharger clients receive:


Up to 10 hours of custom professional services

Fast Track

90-day business development cycle focusing on a minimum of three key goals


Opportunities to connect with service providers, attend special events, and pitch investors

A 12-Point Inspection

Analysis of your company milestones, news and growth

Estimated value of $20,000 to $40,000 per year 

Our Supercharger Clients

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is a track available to help small and medium sized companies who are looking for a tune up.

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Who Can Qualify?

To be accepted into the SPEEDWAY program, companies must have 3 of the 5 basic qualifier components briefly listed to the right.
Companies who do not qualify may receive referrals to other local business support organizations. They can also access free online resources and a limited amount of telephone advice.
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Within Ontario


A dedicated team


A source of funding

Big Idea

A high potential idea

Key Sector

High potential sector
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Your first step to getting involved with the SPEEDWAY program is attending a Start Your Engines introductory session. This session will help you learn more about our program and how your company can qualify.
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